Win Dermalogica Bunlde Preston

WIN £ 150 Worth Dermalogica Bundle


To enter competition just come and treat yourself with any facial treatment in January (at Do My Beauty) for the chance to win Dermalogica products bundle containing the following:

  • BioLumin C serum 30ml RRP £81.50
  • Dinamic skin recovery 50ml RRP£66.50
  • Special cleansing gel 30ml RRP£7.00
  • Superfoliant 4g RRP £5.00

The winner will be announced on Sunday 3rd of February, so make sure you are booked your facial for the chance of winning this gorgeous prize.


sound sleep cocoon night creme in preston dermalogica

Sound Sleep Cocoon – a new transformative night gel-cream.

Designed to deliver active ingredients that hydrate, brighten, revitalise, and increase skin’s radiance at night – when the skin is best able to use them. It is also formulated with motion activated essential oils, promoting a restful nights sleep.

Sleep problems affect up to 45% of the world’s population. Just a few nights of missed sleep leads to dull skin and fine lines, continued sleep insufficiency can result in hypertension, diabetes and a host of other issues. While we sleep the brain recharges and cellular repair ramps up, these benefits are huge! Certain areas of your brain work their hardest during sleep, and skin is best able to repair and regenerate itself at night.


acne teen dermalogica facial in preston

Teen Acne – Types, Causes, Treatments

Compared to adults, teenagers are more prone to acne.
This is a skin condition that manifests in the form of pimples or bumps on the face, back or chest.

How does it happen?

Sebum, a natural skin oil produced by sebaceous glands clogs a hair follicle or skin pore. This makes it hard for dead skin to be shed off, creating an environment where bacteria thrive. The buildup of oil, dirt, and bacteria leads to the formation of cysts, whiteheads or blackheads on the skin surface.


to leave your makeup overnight - what happens?

What Happens To Your Skin When You Leave Your Makeup On Overnight?

Falling sleeping with your makeup on. Has this ever happened to you? If so, then you’d know how horrific the consequences are for your skin. And truthfully, it’s not a pretty sight!

What happens to your skin if you leave the makeup on overnight? Here’s a list of bad things that you may want to know about. Once you read the facts, you’ll never want to leave even one gram of makeup on before you snuggle up in the sheets!


healthy skin why its so important for woman

Healthy Skin and Why are Facials Important to Your Beauty Regimen?

Stop asking whether or not you need a facial today, because the answer is definitely YES!

First, you get to experience bliss and relaxation for a good 60 minutes. Who doesn’t need that? Second, a facial is an investment for your skin’s future. Believe me when I say that your skin will profusely thank you 10, 20 years from now.

Personally, I think facials are worth it just for the beauty tips alone. You and your beauty therapist will discuss how you can keep your skin younger and feeling fresher too. Moreover, you’ll come away with invaluable information about what specific skin products to use. Above all, you’ll come out less stressed and ready to face another day!


krkham beauty rebranding to do my beauty in wesham

Rebranding Notification. Kirkham Beauty changed to Do.My.Beauty!

Hey everyone!

Kirkham Beauty is changing its name to Do My Beauty.

To clarify, this move is just a re-branding. Don’t worry, because everything else is the same.

In effect, I will still be your skin care expert. The quality of service you’ve come to expect will be better, thanks to high-end products from popular brands Dermalogica and Footlogix.

I am truly happy about this new milestone in my life. So make sure to come by and check out my new and improved salon, Do My Beauty!



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