footlogix pedicure professional in preston

Transform your feet with my Footlogix pedicure!

Footlogix range is made with pharmaceutical-grade, disease-curing ingredients that are able to absorb faster and deeper into your skin. This delivery system is very special and effective in results that can be seen in very few days.

The ingredients can be used by people who are diabetic and sensitive to products because they have been chosen specifically to provide a balance in the ph levels and hydration in the feet.


krkham beauty rebranding to do my beauty in wesham

Rebranding Notification. Kirkham Beauty changed to Do.My.Beauty!

Hey everyone!

Kirkham Beauty is changing its name to Do My Beauty.

To clarify, this move is just a re-branding. Don’t worry, because everything else is the same.

In effect, I will still be your skin care expert. The quality of service you’ve come to expect will be better, thanks to high-end products from popular brands Dermalogica and Footlogix.

I am truly happy about this new milestone in my life. So make sure to come by and check out my new and improved salon, Do My Beauty!



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