hollywood wax what to expect

How to prepare yourself for and what to expect from a Hollywood waxing.


The best way to start off your wax session is to observe proper hygiene. In other words, you should arrive smelling fresh, clean and sweet!

Hair Length

For the best results, we recommend having at least 4 weeks of hair growth and 3 week’s worth of growth from the last wax and shave, respectively. If you wish to get a wax when you have one or two week’s worth of hair growth, then the results may not be as great.



What is Hot / Hard wax? Discover Which is Better for your Skin.

A hot wax is the better choice if you need to eliminate hair on certain areas such as the base of your neck, your underarms or your face. Bikini and Hollywood waxes belong in this category.
Hot waxes are preferred by individuals who have sensitive skin because it won’t cling to the skin. Instead, it eliminates hair by shrink-wrapping around it.

Consequently, a 1/4-inch growth is best for hard waxes as it’s the best and the most efficient method of hair removal. Oil is applied because this creates a thin layer that prevents wax from overly attaching itself to your skin. Hence, you get a far more comfortable spa experience!


krkham beauty rebranding to do my beauty in wesham

Rebranding Notification. Kirkham Beauty changed to Do.My.Beauty!

Hey everyone!

Kirkham Beauty is changing its name to Do My Beauty.

To clarify, this move is just a re-branding. Don’t worry, because everything else is the same.

In effect, I will still be your skin care expert. The quality of service you’ve come to expect will be better, thanks to high-end products from popular brands Dermalogica and Footlogix.

I am truly happy about this new milestone in my life. So make sure to come by and check out my new and improved salon, Do My Beauty!



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