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Taking something good, and making it even better is the idea behind lengthening eyelashes. Everyone has their own kind of beautiful eyelashes. But one thing is for certain, they can be made even better.

Since not everyone is a morning person, the idea of having to put on fake lashes everyday bugs many. 

Between it being time-consuming and monotonous, they would rather go natural. Trying out cosmetic products that claim to grow lashes almost always seems to fail. This is where eyelash extension come in.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions

They are separate strands of natural or synthetic hair fibres made to look like natural eyelashes. 

Now one should be careful not to confuse eyelash extensions with fake lashes. They differ in terms of method of application and the duration that they last on you.

Fake eyelashes are stuck on the eyelid using a lash band and do not last long. They may look heavy and synthetic.

Lash extensions are applied to each separate eyelash, one after the other until all of them are done. They last for a very long time without having to worry about them, more than a month.

When applied, they help enhance thickness, length, and fullness of the natural lashes. They are made from a number of materials that include silk, synthetic, and mink.


The moment you are sold to the idea of eyelash extensions and decide to take a plunge into their world, you will be faced with a choice to make.

There are a number of available options and no one size fits all. The sheer number of options may be overwhelming. But looking on the bright side, it means that you will find one that fits you perfectly.

Besides, this will guide you through the most popular types and what makes each different from the rest such that when you are done, you will have known exactly what extension you are going for.

They are made of synthetic monofilament, and have a number of characteristics that can categorize them into colour, form, bend, and the method employed in extension.


They may come in many colours, which include purple, red, brown, pink, red, black, and even multicoloured should one desire. However, black and brown are the main ones and most preferred.


In this category, there are three types of lashes. Mink, silk, and sable.

Mink lashes

Mink extensions are as realistic as they come. They look completely natural on a person and are virtually undetectable. 

They are light, feathery soft, and slightly curled and have zero of that fake shine found in polyester eyelashes.

Likewise, they are actually the thinnest lashes you can find, making them a good choice for people with naturally thin lashes. 

This lets you wear them for the longest time possible without being detected.

Silk lashes

Silk extensions, on the other hand, are best if you are going for a daring, mascara expression with full, glossy lashes.

They are also your next best choice if you wanted the mink lashes, but you would rather settle with something that is less pricey. They are a little less fine than mink

Silk lashes a little less fine than mink lashes, but finer than the sable type discussed below. They are made to look totally natural, as they are thin at the ends, and get thicker towards the bottom.

They are made to look totally natural, as they are thin at the ends, and get thicker towards the bottom.

Likewise, they are undetectable as extensions from afar but as someone gets closer, they are relatively detectable. S

able is mostly recommendable to people who have lighter and weak eyebrows.

They are slimmest in the market. With their weight and their size, they can last for a long time without coming off.


When it comes to the curl of the eyelashes that you want to buy, there are many varieties such as J curl, C or CC curl, B curl, D curl, and L curl. 

For the lashes to last the longest time possible, you should go for the curl that matches that of your natural lashes.

J curl is for the ladies that have rather straight natural lashes. It looks more natural.

The B curl has a slightly more bend than that of the J curl.

C curl, on the other hand, have a nice curl, give a good wide-eyed look, and are easily manageable. 

Lastly, the D and L curl should only be used on clients who have very curly natural lashes.

Method of Extension

There are three methods that can be used to extend your lashes. They are the classic extension, partial extension, and the Russian volume.

In the classic extension, a special type of glue is used to stick the lash to the base of the natural ones. If done in precision it is totally undetectable. 

This makes it suitable for both everyday life, and special occasions.

The partial extension works by attaching the artificial lashes not to every single natural one, but to several.

Partial extension is not mostly aimed at length. It is aimed at increasing the volume, hence it is best for people with long lashes and just want a bolder look.

 The length of the artificial lash needs to be the same as that of the natural lash.

To get fluffier lashes and a fuller look, you should go for the Russian Volume. It works by attaching a couple of light and thinner artificial lashes to one original one. It can be done in 20, 30 or 40.

If two lashes are glued to each natural, then it is a 2D effect. If three per natural lash it is 3D, and so forth. This is best for those who do not fear the spotlight.

Before you book your lash extension appointment:

  • Research for the best and recommendable salon and professional
  • Understand what the process is like. This is in terms of the procedure followed and the time taken.
  • Now if you have sensitive skin/eyes.
  • If your natural eyelashes are of a colour less dark than black, you should tint them before your appointment to prevent them from being easily noticeable.

Question - Answer

The time that is taken is highly dependent on the number of lashes that are being applied. Typically, for a full set, it takes almost two hours while touch up takes about thirty minutes.

Glue rarely finds a way into the eyes. This is so because the eyes are ever closed during the process, and the glue is used in very minimum quantities. If by chance that happens, you should rush to ABE immediately.

If you feel anything in your eyes that makes you want to cry, it is best to notify the technician. The glue needs to be changed since this is usually a painless experience.

To maintain the full look that you obtained when you got your lashes extended, it is best to retouch them at least once in three weeks.

The growth cycle of lashes lasts somewhere between six and eight weeks. After the cycle, the lashes fall of automatically. They may fall off early if pull them out or pick at them.

Water may weaken the adhesive if it comes in contact with your lashes the first full day after application. You should keep away from it for the duration at all times.

The products that are to be avoided are dependent on the type of glue used. For example, make up removers and oil based products should be kept away from the eye if you have sensitive eyes. Water proof mascara should not be used on the lashes as it is not easy to remove.

To put an end to the common myth, they do not; that is, when applied correctly. If applied wrongly or if one rubs the eyes and pulls at the extensions, the damage will not only be on the extensions, it will also be on the natural lashes.

For starters, you should be looking for a professional and not just anyone. That said, read what people are saying about who, check photos of clients before and after the extension, and most importantly, know how much experience they have.

Eyelash Extensions by Maria

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