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Having a regular facial is truly important if you want to look your best. In fact, facial treatments should be done as much as you have your hair or your nails done at the salon.

Taking good care of your skin should be at the top of your list if you wish to achieve true beauty. 

The best skin treatments are those that effectively exfoliate, peel, massage and lift your skin while giving you that healthy, blushing after-salon glow.

The Question Is, What Is Facial?


Indeed, there are a lot of reasons why people get a facial. The younger generation do facials to remove unsightly acne, blackheads and pimples. 

Those in their late 20s begin a beauty regimen because they want to preserve their youthful look. 

Conversely, the older generation are looking to delay the onset of ageing and prevent wrinkles and fine lines for as long as possible. 

Then again. Others just want to have a relaxing day at the spa!

A facial treatment is a great start if you want fresh, younger-looking skin. What it does it that it peels and exfoliates dead skin cells while nourishing the ones underneath. 

The result is a plump, clear and youthful complexion that will result in a skin that looks years younger.

Facials work best when you pair them with a skin care program.

In addition, you may have a wealth of skin care products lying on your shelf. Facial scrubs, masks, peels-name it, you have it Nevertheless, a visit to the professional skin care expert is absolutely necessary for good skin.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re experiencing chronic skin conditions. 

The professional eye of a beauty expert will prove to be useful when you need specific advice regarding your unique skin type.

The Basic Steps of Treatment

1. Consultation

Everything starts with a consultation. Before anything, you will have to fill out a basic form regarding the following:

  • your diet
  • your daily intake of water
  • your specific skin concerns
  • the current skin products you’re using
  • any past skin treatments done
  • history of drugs or supplements taken

2. Cleansing

The aesthetician will wrap your hair with a headband or towel, then proceed with the deep cleaning process. 

The materials are professional sponges, wipes and cotton pads. It’s not unusual to experience a double cleansing session, especially for good clinics.

3. Skin Analysis

The aesthetician will use a bright lamp and a magnifier in order to see your skin close up. 

Here is when you’ll learn about your skin type (dry, oily, normal or sensitive) and any current skin condition you may have (dry, sun-kissed, acne, whitehead, blackhead).

Your aesthetician will then have a good idea of what to recommend you after this step. He or she will briefly present to you a range of optimal treatments and products that you can use for your skin.

4. Steam Exfoliation

A machine starts emitting steam directly to your face. As a result, the warm steam will help loosen your pores. 

It will relax your skin and make it ready for extraction. 

Whiteheads and blackheads will come away easily because of it In general, aestheticians do not recommend steam facial for those who have sensitive skin.

5. Chemical or Mechanical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation mainly uses acids to help with the removal of dead skin cells. Mechanical exfoliation typically uses abrasion to rub away the dead skin cells.

 Additionally, this type of exfoliation combines a steam facial scrub. 

Chemical exfoliation is usually an all-in-one solution that doesn’t require steam exfoliation. Moreover, it’s not an upgrade and is done over the course of a few sessions.

6. Extraction

The process removes the presence of whiteheads or blackheads from the skin. All people have different experiences when it comes to extractions. 

Some may report feeling a high level of discomfort, while others feel no discomfort at all Conversely, it all depends on the skin type. 

Extractions must be done properly in order to prevent discolourations and broken skin capillaries.

7. Facial massage

A facial massage will use strokes such as effleurage to reinvigorate your facial skin muscles.

8. Facial Mask

A facial mask serves to hydrate your skin in order to meet your skin’s needs. This is done regardless of whether you have mature, sensitive, oily or dry skin. 

The aesthetician will be present in the room while also providing a scalp massage.

If in any case they leave the room to allow you to relax, then its poor practice on their end.

9. Final steps

If it’s daytime, you’ll get a sunscreen, moisturizer, serum and toner application.

You’ll also need some expert advice, particularly on home skin care. Your aesthetician will speak with you about your skin while offering helpful products and skin care tips. 

While it may prove to be uncomfortable speaking with someone about product recommendations, it’s all part of the process. 

Keep an open mind and listen. There’s no pressure to purchase them anyway. Moreover, it shouldn’t affect the consultation process in the least.

Additionally, there are plenty of different facial modalities that bring out the beauty of your skin. 

High frequency, ultrasound, photon. LED and micro current are just some examples if you want the latest facial technology.

The Benefits


Facial can treat and prevent the most common skin problems. Consequently, it can help your skin adjust when the seasons change.

Let’s say fall season starts. You turn on the heat and suddenly, you notice your skin going dry. In effect, interior heating can dehydrate the skin. 

With this in mind, a facial serves to moisturize your skin back to normal.

In addition, there are other causes of skin dehydration. Improper use of skin products is one, whereas chemical-laden soaps are another. 

Stress and your emotional state can mean the difference between a healthy and a dry skin. Finally, too much pollution can make your skin dry and flaky.

Skin hydration is important if you want it to be healthy. Micro-cracks can appear if your skin is too dry, which causes inflammation. 

In the summer, the heat can certainly cause your skin to become oily. Breakouts can happen all of a sudden. 

Consequently, facials can turn that oily skin back to normal, preventing possible pimple, acne and blackheads from forming.

The best facial serums and high-end creams won’t help if your skin is having too many free radicals, has an uneven tone or if it’s extremely dry. 

Keeping your pores healthy and your skin smooth is important if you want your skin to get the nutrients it deserves.

How Often Should You Get A Facial?

The short answer? Whenever you can.

Our skin changes as we get older. It can change depending on the weather. Our skin can become oilier when our hormones go into overdrive. 

The best skin care specialist is one who understands those changes. He or she will help you overcome those challenges and allow you to come away with a plump, healthy-looking skin.

The frequency of facials will depend on what skin type you have and what season it is.

Those who have oily skin will certainly need more facials in the summer.

People who have dry skin will definitely be needing more facials come winter time.

Keep in mind that you will need a good sunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors often. Generally speaking, oily skin tend to react to hot summer days more than other skin types.

The bottom line is that you should get more facials to stop skin problems right in their tracks. 

The idea of facials as a relaxing experience is not entirely false, but the true reason for a facial is more than that.

In other words, a facial adds up to the overall state and wellness of your skin. A facial can mean the difference between youthful skin and one with breakouts.

Conversely, having a facial treatment once a month is a good start. This will allow the skin cells one whole cycle of growth. 

After a month, the cells reach the upper dermis layer and are ready to be replaced by younger skin cells underneath.

What Are Anti-ageing Facials?

An anti-ageing facial is about the same as a regular facial treatment. The only difference is that the skin care ingredients are more for individuals who have mature skin types. In this case, the skin ages are somewhere around 40 and up.

With this in mind, does this mean anti-ageing facials are only for older people? Not quite. 

Those who are in their 30s, or even early 20s can certainly avail of this treatment. They can choose to do so if their skin is rapidly maturing.

Our skin changes as we grow older. At the same time, It gets drier and thinner. It starts losing precious collagen. Precious elastin is also lost along the way.

Young cells get slower going to the top, hence resulting in duller skin.

For one thing, the face is one of the most exposed parts of the body. It gets more exposure from the elements. Consequently, wrinkles and creases develop.

Anti-ageing facials typically feature an array of skin care processes. Collagen masks, chemical peels and special serums are just some of the most common lists of a typical anti-ageing treatment. 

Some will have vitamin C, while others will have hyaluronic acid. In detail, anti-ageing facials nourish the skin which normally leads to a smoother, plump skin.

How To Maximize Your Facial Treatment

To emphasize, what happens after you get a facial is just as important as the facial itself.

What does this mean?

You will certainly be tasked to take extra care of your skin. For this reason you should invest in a good moisturizer and cleanser. 

Make sure that it’s compatible for your skin type when possible. Of course, you should change products with the season. 

You’ll need expert help. At the same time, your skin guru must be one whom you can completely trust.

What You Can Expect

  • A special time allotted for you.
  • Professional guidance. Your esthetician will be the one to dictate your home care routine. This covers hormonal, environmental, seasonal and age-related changes.
  • Expert help to maintain a healthy, glowing skin. It’s possible to turn back time You can get additional treatments on top of facial.
  • A facial massage to lift up the skin.
  • Get intensive hydration for severely dry skin condition. Your skin will turn back to looking plump and healthy.
  • Manual extraction. Blackheads and other skin breakouts will be dealt with properly.
  • Professional exfoliation. This lessens breakouts, lightens any discoloration and of course, smoothens the skin.
  • Expert help from a qualified esthetician. These professionals know how to treat various skin types and care for it.
  • A stress relief

About Dermalogica Facials

A Dermalogica facial is something that is indulgent and pampering.

A skin treatment is specific to each client’s skin, customised specifically for them and the results are unbeaten.

All the facials starts with a Face Mapping where the skin will be analyzed in depth and a treatment designed!

A treatment that’s different every single time because your skin is different every time you come in.
With the products that are peerless, my promise that you’re going to see your skin glowing, more luminous and hydrated. It’s going to be in its optimum condition, the best skin you’ve ever had.

A personal skin analysis is done for you. The skin therapist will also discuss specific skin care concerns that you may have.

You’ll stand to gain insight as to why your skin behaves this way and that.

You’ll also understand how to best care for your skin via various home care products and professional skin care tips from the experts.

The Skin Pro 30 Facial

30 minutes is all it takes to get an effective facial treatment.
The Skin Pro 30 does away with the layers of facial procedures.

Instead, you’ll experience a highly targeted skin care treatment that’s unique to your skin problem or concern.

A targeted exfoliation will make your skin more radiant. Masques and serums rejuvenate and replenish lost skin moisture.

A lot can be achieved in just half an hour. This treatment is a favourite among those who have busy lifestyles. It’s one of the best facial treatment value for your money.

Skin Pro 60

Get a full 60 minutes of bliss with the Skin Pro 60.

What Do You Get From This?

The whole deal. Face mapping skin analysis. Hot towels. Exfoliation. Double cleansing. Treatment masques and serums.

An aromatherapy massages. It’s a luxury of epic proportions. You haven’t really lived until you’ve tried the sixty-minute deluxe treatment.

Pro Power Eye Peel

Dermalogica PRO eye treatment features Pro Power Eye Peel to help tone, smooth and brighten the eye contour through intense stimulation and an infusion of botanical actives.

New Pro Power Eye Peel is a concentrated remedy that brightens the under eye skin, helps even skin tone and texture, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful yet gentle eye peel features ingredients that encourages cell turnover – resulting in an epidermal renewal similar to Glycolic or Mandelic acid.

Pro Power Peel

Get ready for maximum skin care science.

Technology will be hard at work in making your skin look years younger. Using LED and ultrasonic technology, you’ll be presented with a variety of facial treatment solutions.

Choose from masques, serums and acid peels and let your professional aesthetician work their magic. Sit back and relax in this one-of-a-kind facial you won’t soon forget.

Modern peels will make your skin smoother. You will look incredibly fresh and rejuvenated.

The advanced treatment seeks to make your skin look younger. The feel of younger, smoother skin is just amazing.

There’s very little downtime. Results get boosted, thanks to technology.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

No more brown spots. Breakouts are completely healed. Lines and wrinkles are eliminated.

The 45+ minute expert treatment is perfect for people who are worried about breakouts, pigmentation and premature ageing.

The Difference Between Pro And Mass Market Skin Care Products.

  • Mass market brands are manufactured with profit in mind. Production churns out fewer active ingredients.
  • One will have fewer amounts of alpha hydroxic acid in order to have lesser chances of irritation.
  • Professional skin care products, on the other hand, are made specifically after a skin analysis has been made.
  • They have higher efficacy levels and more active ingredients as needed by the individual.
  • Professional skin care products are more expensive because they have more costly ingredients.
  • For example, a pro skin treatment product will have more peptides in contrast to a mass market brand.c

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