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Footlogix range is made with pharmaceutical-grade, disease-curing ingredients that are able to absorb faster and deeper into your skin. This delivery system is very special and effective in results that can be seen in very few days.

The ingredients can be used by people who are diabetic and sensitive to products because they have been chosen specifically to provide a balance in the ph levels and hydration in the feet.

If the evidence above does not convince you that this range can transform the foot care industry, then am sure I know what will. The product range deal with the side effects of diabetes, making it ideal for the people who are diabetic. Urea are the main ingredient of the range.

Urea is a synthetic humectant that present within all sorts of products in the cosmetics industry. Urea’s natural moisturising factor keep skin hydrated and heel dry and flaky skin.

The homecare products are much more hygienic for application because they are in the form of a fluffy light mousse and hence you don’t have to insert your finger into the container. They do not leave behind any greasy residue as they absorb easily into the skin.

Are cancer patients safe using Footlogix products?

All the cancer patients and the ones going to cancer treatment can use Footlogix products with no reparations. Nothing passes into the bloodstream as products only penetrate the epidermis. Anybody who has a compromised immune system such as cancer patients undergoing treatment usually has a dry skin.

Urea, therefore, plays a role in moisturizing the skin and keeping it healthy and hence reducing the chances of infection from micro-lesions which become a point of entry.

Any client can benefit from Footlogix in any condition because it has 12 different formulas mousse.

Cold feet, tired legs, sweaty feet, nail fungus, peeling skin, cracked heels, and dry skin are just a few conditions that Footlogix can deal with.

Advantage and Reasons to choose Footlogix for Homecare products

Footlogix pediceuticals is a high quality, innovative and revolutionary salon and spa product line which transforms the customers with its amazing results. Mousse formulas which are lightweight provide effective and fast relief to rejuvenate, repair and ultimately alleviate a number of skin conditions for the feet, transforming them from Woe’ to Wow!’

Benefits of using home products of Footlogix Prediceuticals.

  • It is free of oil which allows the mouse to instantly penetrate the layers of the skin with no greasy residue.
  • It does not contain artificial fragrances or alcohol which makes the product user-friendly and safe for all the customers, including diabetic people.
  • Because of the technology, the active ingredients are able to reach targeted areas.
  • The skin retains its ability for normal functioning and is hydrated with no residue accumulating on it, resulting in happy and healthier feet.

Why Men and Women should come for pedicure treatment?

All people will benefit with Footlogix pedicure treatment because it is ideal with with immediate results . Footlogix is safe for both men and women ass seen from all the facts about it above.

You should not stay with feet which are hail and in bad condition when there is a real working solution.

Don’t wait, come at Do My Beauty for the treatment now and live a happy and healthy life.

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