to leave your makeup overnight - what happens?
Falling sleeping with your makeup on. Has this ever happened to you? If so, then you’d know how horrific the consequences are for your skin. And truthfully, it’s not a pretty sight!

What happens to your skin if you leave the makeup on overnight? Here’s a list of bad things that you may want to know about. Once you read the facts, you’ll never want to leave even one gram of makeup on before you snuggle up in the sheets!

Acne and Inflammation

The skin is the largest protective organ in our body. Each day, it collects harmful dust, smoke, fumes and dirt. Leftover makeup, along with natural oils, creates a mixture that clogs the skin’s pores. When the skin can’t breathe properly, inflammation follows suit.

Most makeup contain tonal oils that further block the pores of the skin. When you wash your face before you retire for the night, you’re not just removing the makeup. You’re giving your facial skin a welcome rest from all those beauty products. Night time is important because it gives your skin a break. So when you leave the makeup on, your skin doesn’t get that rest.

Your Skin Dries Up

Your skin might forgive you if you leave makeup on overnight one time. But if you continue to make your skin suffer, it will eventually dry up. Moisturizing products help your skin get a breather just before you go to sleep. But what happens when makeup gets in-between the skin and the moisturizer? In effect, the moisturizing agent will not be able to penetrate through to your skin.

Usually, the skin will try to counter the effects of dehydration via self-repair and re-balancing. But if you continually leave your makeup on, your skin won’t get the essential nutrients. It loses precious moisture and dehydrates as a result.

Peeling Lips and Black Dots

Think painted lips look sexy in the bedroom? Not if you leave them overnight. Your lips will dry up like a prune, so make sure to eliminate all traces before sleeping. Additionally, it’s very important to put on moisturizing balm.

Nonetheless, leaving fatty ingredients on will clog up the skin around your lips. As a result, the delicate skin will form black dots that are really unsightly!

You Develop Panda Eyes

It may sound funny, but in reality it’s anything but. The first thing you’ll see when you look in the mirror are “panda eyes”. This means the skin around the eyes are ringed with smeared mascara and eye shadow. Because your skin did not get the essential moisture and nutrition, it will look ten years older. Sooner or later, wrinkles will form around the eyes. The rest will follow.

Premature Skin Aging

What happens when you develop the habit of sleeping with your makeup on? Your overall skin complexion becomes noticeably dim, and premature aging occurs. Interfering with the renewal of skin cells while you sleep will bring about older-looking skin.

In case you haven’t learned the lesson yet, makeup blocks your skin and deprives it of precious nutrients. You certainly wouldn’t want to have wrinkles forming earlier than usual, would you?

Brittle Eyelashes

Leaving your mascara on will notably dry your eyelashes. In time, they become fragile. Altogether, you may find them falling out or breaking because you didn’t remove your make-up before you sleep.

Eye Infections

Make sure to clear out minute specks of mascara and eyeliners or you may suffer from eye infections. Even the smallest remnant is sure to cause skin and eye irritations if you’re not careful. Take the time and don’t procrastinate so you won’t suffer the consequences later on.


To summarize, I hope that you learned how important it is to take care of your skin. Spending just a few minutes each day making sure your skin is well-rested will certainly give you great benefits. In effect, a healthy skin equals a great-looking skin! Plus, with Dermalogica products, you can be sure that you only get the best care for your skin.

In addition, I am more than happy to help you with your skin care concerns. Read up on professional beauty advice about facial. Conversely, you can also check out the latest facial treatments and get to know the latest Dermalogica products!

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