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Lash Lift Procedure, Pros and The Cons

For a long while, mascara has been the go-to for fixing eyelashes. It gives them a fuller, thicker body. 

Getting caught up in the rain can get quite messy with mascara on. In the same way, having an emotional moment that involves tears.

Innovations like the lash extensions have since overtaken this make-up essential. Lash extensions continue to serve their purpose. Though it requires frequent maintenance touch-ups.

Not long ago, there is eyelash lifting or curling treatment. Suppose you’re looking for a more permanent solution.

Perhaps you enjoy your weekly swim or are unable to lose the habit of rubbing your eyes. Or maybe your lashes are just flat. 

Perhaps you simply want to rid yourself of the smudging and clumping that’s a result of mascara. Maybe the daily routine drains you.

Suppose you want to wake up with perfect lashes that seem to have gone through curler clamps with a mascara-look. 

All without a touch of make-up. 
In that case, eyelash lifts would be the ideal treatment for you.

You may hear about LVL lashes which are popular at the moment. They are the same as a lash lift. LVL is just the brand name.

Eyelash lifts primary purpose is to curl and improve your natural lashes appealingly.

What is Eyelash Lifting?

It’s a perming eyelash process that changes the shape of your natural lashes to enhance the curled and lifted state of it.  

The lashes tend to grow outward rather than upward for most people, the effect achieved by eyelash lifting. 

The procedure requires little effort and allows you to customize the curl shape and tint of your lashes. This eliminates the need to apply mascara daily. 

A lash lift and tint last longer than the standard eyelash extensions. It has less likely side effects, but must be done by a certified professional.

There are two types of lash lifting. The literal perm and keratin lash lifts. Both processes are similar. 

However, the latter is a bit pricier. Lash lifts will not add dimension or create texture. You will need a lash length of at least 5 millimetres to proceed with the treatment.

What Are Lash Tints?

Lash tinting is the application of a semi-permanent dye to your lashes. It intensifies and darkens their colour. 

It is done using either a semi-permanent vegetable-based dye or a permanent cream-based one.

Pre-Treatment & Post-Treatment Advice

Before commencement of the treatment, you will require a consultation with your beauty technician. You will then discuss the type of treatment you want.

That is, do you want your lashes fanned out or pushed forward? You may want to consider using an eyelash conditioning serum for a few weeks before treatment for the best results.

A skin test for a lash lift solutions and a tint is essential 24 hours before treatment.

After treatment, you will need to avoid wetting your lashes for the first 24 to 48 hours, including steam. You increase the longevity of the lash lift by letting it set for longer.

How Is This Treatment Done?

You will lie down for your appointment duration with your eyes closed. The lashes and entire eye area need to be clean and rid of any oil and make-up.

Then the protective pads are safely placed under your eyelids.  This keeps your lower lashes out of the way as they aren’t part of the procedure. 

Once the protective pads are in place, the technician arranges your upper lashes one by one glued onto a silicone mould.  

The protective pads  and a silicone mould, is the only thing that will touch your skin during this entire process.

It curves the lashes’ new shape. Softer curls are achieved using larger rods. The hair strands’ natural structure is broken down by applying a solution to your eyelashes root to allow reshaping. 

The perm solution remains on the base of your eyelashes for approximately 10-15 minutes. It varies from client to client, depending on the natural hair thickness.

Once the lashes are soft and vulnerable, perm solution is removed and replaced with a setting lotion. 

This setting lotion is sometimes referred to as a neutralizer. It rehardens the lashes promoting the setting of lashes into the new shape. 

Application of the solution is only to the middle and base to avoid lash tip breakage. 

This is the same time tinting is applied. Other possible add-ons include a glaze to make the lashes silky. Or a plumping solution to gradually add hair density.

After removing the setting solution, a conditioner or oil is applied to the lashes. It helps to nourish them and eliminate brittleness.

How Long Does It Last?

The natural eyelash growth cycle takes an average of six to eight weeks and varies from person to person. This is how fast your lashes regenerate and grow.

For some, it can take up to ten weeks. This is how long your lash lifts will last in general. It depends on by your post-treatment care, skin type, and daily skincare routine. 

Eyelash growth serums can help extend the duration. But keep in mind, this treatment isn’t designed to be permanent.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Lash lifting is nowhere near painful. It is likely not termed as relaxing either, as you will need to lay still for just under an hour.

When Is it Ideal?

This treatment is perfect if you prefer not to use make-up. Or if you love your natural eyelashes and are looking for a more wide-eyed appearance. 

It prevents the need to use an eyelash curler or use mascara, giving you the perfect make-up-free look.

If your lashes are short, lash lift may not give you the dramatic effect but, be sure you’ll notice a difference.

It will afford you the confidence to go for a run or swim on the beach without mascara. More so if you add on the tint. 

While it doesn’t actually add length, some clients say that they feel like the treatment makes their short lashes look longer. 

Lifting of the lashes is ideally maintenance-free. You will not require daily touch-ups or frequent visits. 

The curling effect lasts for a way long term compared to other enhancement methods.

Are There Alternatives to This Treatment That Will Give You A Similar Effect?

Suppose you prefer not to go through with the treatment. In that case, there are alternatives such as curling mascara or using an eyelash curler. 

Both these options will require frequent used to retain the curling effect. This is because it wears off after washing your face or showering. 

You may want to consider sourcing waterproof mascara formulas. They will hold better against humidity and moisture, in particular during hot seasons.

Overall, practising good grooming will go a long way. It will ensure you give your lashes sufficient time to recover from styling damage. 

More so if you wear make-up daily. This means your daily routine every night before going to bed must include complete removal of make-up. 

This allows rejuvenation during the night as you sleep.

What To Consider Before Undergoing The Treatment?

It is vital that you conduct your research before engaging in the treatment. Factor in your eye and skin medical history. 

Avoid the procedure if you have recently suffered from any of the following:

  • Watery eyes
  • Styes
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Eye Allergies
  • Chronic dry eye
  • Eye Infections

What Are the Common Side Effects & Are There Any Risks?

Chemical solutions treatments have the potential to cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. Nevertheless, eyelash lifting is usually tolerated by most people. 

Very rare adverse effects have been reported. This is why the pre-treatment patch test is essential. It is also why you should only get the procedure done by a professional.

Some side effects caused by the perm solution may include inflammation, dry eye, watery eyes, rash, more brittle lash hair or redness. Suppose drops of the solution get inside your eye. 

In that case, you may likely experience some irritation. In rare circumstances, an ulcer or burn. You also risk corneal abrasion if the irritated eye gets scratched accidentally or otherwise traumatized.

Another potential risk is over-processing. It could cause an excessive eyelash curl, making them brittle and look droopy. 

The worst-case scenario would be eyelash breakage. If done well, eyelash curling will not damage your lashes.

Before you proceed to lift eyelashes, note that it isn’t recommended if you have had laser eye surgery.

 If you are using any form of eye medication or are pregnant, it is not recommended as well. 

Chemicals may contain sulphur and other ingredients that may cause sensitivity.

What Are the Costs Involved & How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The entire procedure takes about fifty minutes, and the costs only £40.00  

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