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Compared to adults, teenagers are more prone to acne.
This is a skin condition that manifests in the form of pimples or bumps on the face, back or chest.

How does it happen?

Sebum, a natural skin oil produced by sebaceous glands clogs a hair follicle or skin pore. This makes it hard for dead skin to be shed off, creating an environment where bacteria thrive. The buildup of oil, dirt, and bacteria leads to the formation of cysts, whiteheads or blackheads on the skin surface.

Causes of Acne

The teenage years are a period of many hormonal changes. When your daughter or son gets to their puberty years, these excited hormones cause overproduction of the sebaceous oil which clogs many pores. Many teenagers with facial acne usually develop self-esteem issues. They lose their self-confidence because of the pimples and scars.

The androgen hormones that stimulate the formation of pimples in both boys and girls can also affect older women. Older women are more likely to develop acne during pregnancy- this is the time associated with intense hormonal changes. Also, some women develop acne when they take birth control pills.

Apart from hormonal changes, other causes of acne include certain medications, allergies, and skin irritations.

Skin irritations:

Teenagers can develop acne on specific body areas that experience constant friction or rubbing. This makes the skin sore and creates a conducive environment for the formation of pimples. Skin irritation can be caused by tight fitting clothes, rough beddings, tight collars, backpacks, and hats among others

Medications and cosmetics:

Some medicines hike the production of androgen hormones which, by now you understand plays a crucial role in acne formation. Medications that include halogens, drugs for epilepsy, TB and antidepressants are known to intensify acne. Skin care products that are too greasy also block pores and cause acne.

Food allergies:

Teenagers are explorative especially with their taste buds. But certain foods may cause toxic reactions. In the event of a food allergy, the body reacts defensively to the food causing inflammations on the skin among other responses. If your teenage daughter is allergic to certain foods like dairy products, she will develop reactions that lead to acne.


Acne should not be taken lightly because it can quickly escalate into serious skin complications if not treated early. Whenever or however it occurs, teens should take care of their skin during the early stages of acne.

Dermalogica skin care products are efficient in exfoliating and unblocking pores as well as for oil control to keep the skin dry and to prevent pimples from spreading.

Here is how to get a healthy skin by use of efficient high-end skin care products:

Clear Start- from Dermalogica takes a four-level approach to clearing breakouts through combination therapy, combining the best of natures botanicals and the science of skin care.


Products that contain salicylic acid are effective in preventing break out of acne in prone areas including the face, neck, and back. Use the Clear Start Foaming Wash to remove oils, bacteria, and impurities from your skin.


Exfoliators that contain Beta Hydroxyl Acids are effective. They not only not only unclog pores, but they also kill bacteria on the surface and in the pores. This leaves you with a smooth blemish free skin in a few days. For dramatic results, use Clear Start Pore Control Scrub which is specially made for a teen’s skin

Keep your skin moisturized and inflamination free:

Your skin needs moisturizing to heal from acne and its scars. Get oil-free lotions or creams to apply every day for healthy skin. The Oil Clearing Matte Moisturizer contains Salicylic Acid which helps to clear congested follicles and keep the skin cells hydrated.

Unlike other breakout-controlling products, Clear Start- formulas combine serious, medicated ingredients with skin-soothing botanicals — which means they’re tough on breakouts but kind to skin.
4-step regimen that incorporates extra clearing products, Clear Start’ helps teens reveal their clearest level of skin and establish skin care habits that will last a lifetime.

Prevention of acne


Don’t let sweat stay on your skin for long. Take a shower after school or work. Use an alkaline base body wash or shampoo to get rid of excess oils and bacteria from your skin.
Avoid tight-fitting clothes. Find the right size so that your clothes don’t become the cause of acne. Your skin needs proper aeration. Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Be cautious about beauty products. Some beauty products including facial creams, shampoos, and hair conditioners can aggravate acne. Notably, you should steer clear of beauty products that contain ingredients like lanolin and sodium lauryl sulfate. Cease using perfumes that cause your skin irritation.

Regular facial

Teens can also benefit from a Clear Start’ Breakout Clearing SkinPro30 Facial Treatment. Designed to solve issues right on the spot. From extracting blackheads to reducing redness.
This 30-minute treatment gets skin in shape fast — perfect for breakouts that occur at the most inconvenient times.

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